An interview with a GCI student

OK. In my last post I said about “Google Code-In and Open Source”. I said there are different kinds of tasks you have to do. Today I’ll show an interview with a Google Code-In student. You can know how is the feelings of a student who participate GCI. You can know what are benefits from participating GCI. OK. I am going to start Interview. This interview goes with Kuba Michalski. I really thanks him for participate this interview.

Me:- Hi
Kuba:- Hello!
Me:- What is your name that I can call you?
Kuba:- Kuba.
Me:- Is it nick name?
Kuba:- No, it’s my name. :joy:
Me:- And What is your country?
Kuba:- I was thinking so, just wanted to make sure. :grinning: I’m from Poland.
Me:- OK. And how old are you?
Kuba:- I’m 17 years old.
Me:- Kuba, Is this your’s first experience on GCI?
Kuba:- Well, so far my experience with GCI is great, I learnt a lot and I feel that I’m gonna stick with FOSSASIA not only just for GCI contest but for a bigger amount of time.
Me:- Then what do you think about GCI?
Kuba:- I’m glad that there are organised competitions like that and I think that this whole project is great idea. 👍
Me:- OK. What do you think about FOSSASIA?
Kuba:- I can say that FOSSASIA has great community and interesting projects. And mentors are really kind and helpful. 👌
Me:- That’s true. How you get information about the GCI?
Kuba:- Few years ago my cousin mentioned me about this competition but I was super freshman and I didn’t feel strong enough to take a part in any competition. But last year I accidentally entered GCI website while looking for some coding tutorials and here I am.
Me:- Great, what is your school?
Kuba:- I attend to technical school which here in Poland is something like colleague or maybe high school mixed with colleague. I’d rather stick with colleague version
Me:- Are you interested in technology?
Kuba:- Well, I love web development and generally things related to it. I’m also interested in things related to technology but I wouldn’t call myself a technology geek.
Me:- Wow I’m too. Why you think for participate GCI this time?
Kuba:- I wanna start contributing to Open Source and working with people. But I’m also trying to get as far as I can, who knows maybe win…
Me:- WOW, good luck for your target!👍
Kuba:- Thank you!
Me:- What you learned from this competition?
Kuba:- Open Source workflow, Git and GitHub (at least basics) and that you should always read whole documentation when starting a new project. And now I’m learning deploying apps on Heroku
Me:- Great! What is your ambition?
Kuba:- My ambition for GCI, this year or maybe my lifetime?
Me:- Life time.
Kuba:- I think that my ambitions for lifetime aren’t really related to code. I mean it would be cool if I’d work in good company with friendly and open team, cool boss, interesting projects and flexible hours but I personally think that life is something more than just a job or code.
Me:- Thank you! And good luck!
Kuba:- Bye! See you again. 👋
Me:- You too!👋
From this you saw benefits from GCI and feelings of student. I think you got a nice idea about GCI from read this. 👆
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