How I fixed an issue? – By 20 steps

OK. In my last post I show “An interview with a GCI student”. There are lot of different kind of tasks on GCI. I said from last posts, you have more organizations for work on GCI. I said about one of organization and it’s projects on my first post. (If you not looked it see it from here.) Today I’ll tell you about how to fix an issue. I think it will be very important for GCI students. For that I’ll explain how I fixed a issue.

OK. I’ll tell step by step.

        1. First of all make a GitHub account (If you have a account sign-in to it).
        2. Select any repository that you like. For this I select

          fossasia/‘ repository.

        3. Then go to the ‘Issues’ tab on repository.issues tab.JPG
        4. Then click it and see it. I selected issue said add mentors to the mentors section.
        5. So, I am going to add a mentor to a mentors section.There are two ways to change code.
          1. Clone > Change code using a favorite code editor  > Commit > Pull Request [This editing going locally that’s means offline]
          2. Code tab > Fork > Choose files and change codes > Commit > Pull Request [This editing going on server that’s means online]
        6. I choose second method. Because of the first method is troublesome. But when you makes big code difference use of first method good; it is easier to edit. Now I do small code change because of that I think online method is better.
        7. Then go to the ‘Code’ tab after read the issue if you change using server. (If you want to use offline method I’ll say it another day.)
        8. Forked it to your account using the fork button.fork.JPG
        9. See below for find any Read Me document. That is helpful for you. If there isn’t any  documents don’t worry. Search on web for find about how to fix your issue.
        10. Now select the file that you want to change and click it. If it is in a folder click folder and then click file. In this issue I have to change “mentors.yml” in “_data” folder. So I go to the folder and click it and go to the file and click it too.
        11. There you can see the codes in the file. Click edit button which shows a pencil for editing.edit.JPG
        12. After change is finish, add about your change on “Propose file change” and click “Propose file change” button.file change.JPG
        13. Change other codes like this. In my issue I have to add a photo. So I add a photo in folder “img/mentors”. For that go to the folder and click “Upload Files”. upload.JPG
        14. And drag the photo to the window, after commit changes. upload2.JPG
        15. Then click new pull request. pr.JPG
        16. Select your repository from head fork and select your branch from compare. And also select original repository from base fork and select original branch from
        17. Click create pull request.
        18. Give title and description about your change.And give there you hosted page with change (Don’t you know? Please see this.) pr2.JPG
        19. Click on ‘Create a Pull Request’
        20. Then you can see New pull request there on original repository by your name. Please wait until other see your changes and review it. After any person merge it you can see your change on original site.

OK. I think you got something. Do you want see the issue that I taken for this. See this.

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